Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spyker Set to Sell its Cars in Select Saab Showrooms

Spyker had promised to keep its chocolate discrete from Saab's peanut butter, but it appears Saab's new corporate parent may soon sell its high-end sports cars in Saab showrooms.

"We are signing up Spyker dealerships left, right, and center," Spyker CEO Victor Muller recently told Bloomberg.

Presently, Spyker has only 35 retail outlets across the globe, but that will soon change. Spyker plans on offering its wares -- including the new C8 Aileron -- through a number of select Saab dealerships. Spyker hopes to nearly double its sales network to 60 outlets by the end of this year, and bump that total to 90 by the end of 2011. Doing so may help Spyker move more than the 36 vehicles it sold in 2009.

Adding Spyker models to Saab showrooms will be a big change for most dealers, as pricing and clientele tied to Spyker cars are quite different from that of Saab vehicles. A 2010 Spyker C8 Aileron costs $219,190, while Saab's new 9-5 Aero -- the most expensive Saab model at this time -- starts at $49,990.

Still, every extra dealer helps -- and the extra showrooms are but one of the many Saab resources Spyker hopes to utilize to its benefit. The automaker has previously mentioned using Saab's engineering staff and resources (including the company's wind tunnel laboratory in Trollhattan, Sweden) for new vehicles, and may benefit from lower prices on generic parts that can be used Spyker and Saab models. Muller hopes these moves will help Spyker turn a profit -- something it hasn't done since going public in 2004.

"Spyker will be profitable in its own right, very much helped by its sister Saab," said Muller. "It's wonderful that the company that saved Saab is also benefiting from having done that in its own business."

Source: automobi