Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Edition 35 High Performance

2011-Volkswagen-Golf-GTI-Edition-35-Front2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Edition 35 was released as a commemoration of 35 years Volkswagen Golf GTI's presence in the world. Hot hatch showed some differences compared with the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Look at the logo '35 'on the fender and door frames. Figures '35 'can be found also in holding the head and the middle seat. Exterior Home Edition 35 bit different from the Golf GTI, thanks to a redesigned bumper. Engine power increased, from 210 hp to 235 hp.

2011-Volkswagen-Golf-GTI-Edition-35Interior-SeatsVolkswagen GTI Edition 35 will be exhibited at the festival hot hatch on 1-4 June 2011 Wörthersee GTI Anniversary Edition with 20 and 30. Edition 35 Price € 30.425.