Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Hummer Concept HB

hummer-hb-concept-renderings-strong-car-detailAndrus Ciprian designer of Romania, presented what could be a new Hummer, he calls and HB is a possibility for the future model of small firm size, even GM. Before long it will confirm the passing of hands and a Chinese company will support the future of Hummer.

hummer-hb-concept-renderings-strong-car-pictureIt consists of a body formed from carbon fiber and aluminum. It is available in two versions, one is equipped with a small windshield divided into three sections, and a series of cameras around the vehicle (designed for safety), and the second model is equipped with windshield classic One glance, and it is well lit, with large lights on the ceiling.

hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large-strong-carThe bottom of the HB is protected by shield panels to protect the drive train, passengers rocks and other potentially dangerous objects. The motor consists of a measure of the use of biofuels V6. Power is transmitted to all four wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

hummer-hb-concept-renderings-strong-car-frontThis project mix all types of uses that can be given to a vehicle of its characteristics (extreme security, off-road, etc.). And gives a nod to the future very important stylistic Hummer , which I urgently need this firm. The idea is excellent, as is its design. Ojala something very similar is true.