Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Sports Car Spider Concept

Pininfarina, an Italian car design studio, has released to the public the teaser image of their new Alfa Romeo concept. Pininfarina turns 80 years-old this year. As part of celebrating this important milestone the company will unveil this two-seater spider concept pictured here at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. It will be presented as a tribute to its long relationship with Alfa Romeo. The unveiling coincides with Alfa's 100th anniversary so it is doubly fitting. The design has been managed by Lowie Vermeersch, head of Pininfarina’s style centre, and the rear reflects the old Alfa Romeo Duetto model, with its cuttlefish-bone inspiration.
2010 Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Concept
A revival of the Alfa Duetto is an exciting proposition, and the prototype will be the same two-seater Spider vehicle. It will have a longitudinal engine placed in the front and rear-wheel drive. No production plan has been established as yet, so we can’t say if this could be an eventual replacement to the current Alfa Spider.
2010 Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Concept
Apart from the obvious not much else is said or revealed about the car. But from this solitary sketch it can be noted that the current 8C Spider has some serious styling competition. The long sloping bonnet, two-door configuration and short rear overhangs are the main signs of a classic roadster. Whether this traditionalist approach will be kept intact with a soft folding roof remains to be seen.
2010 Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Concept
Perhaps the Pininfarina/Alfa Romeo relationship is about to receive a new life. Hopefully the concept is as good, or even better than this sketch suggests.